When Death comes … out of season

Oh, Dear God, I hurt today with news of a dear brother gone to be with you in a blink of an eye. I can understand when death comes after a long and full life, because I know it part of Your plan for orderly existence.

But, LORD, when it come unexpectedly and out of season, my heart cries and I’m tempted to ask WHY?

I know you do not answer that question, and I’m trying to convert it something You will answer…so here goes. In Light of What Has Occurred, LORD, What Do You Want Me to DO, NOW?

Please, God, give grace and comfort to our friends who have suffered such a sudden and unexpected loss.

Help me to hold precious each and every moment I have left to honor and hold close those whom I can hug and can hug me back. Please help me not to waste even a single moment. I beg all this in the name I worship…El Shaddai. Amen


John Claypool lost his daughter to leukemia as a child and in time he processed his grief in a book Tracks of a Fellow Struggler. In it he said he was learning to know how God comes to us. In Isaiah 40:28-31 the prophet says sometimes God comes to us with such great joy we can rise up on wings like eagles, and at other times gives us unusual strength and stamina we can run and not grow weary. But in the final analysis, when we come to the end of our rope, we can assuredly tie a knot and hang on. When there is no strength left, He promises us when we struggle to put one foot ahead of another…we can walk without fainting.

To that promise I cling today for my friend who lost her special fella. God please hold her close…