My Heart is Heavy…

Oh, my Father. I hurt today. There is so much grief in the world and much of it has closed in on me today. Friends who are dear have had devastating diagnoses recently, others are facing the pain of being abandoned by a spouse, a good man who was once so in love with You it was contagious…only to fall prey pseudo-Biblical heresy, and illnesses and untimely death of an only child.

I feel their pain viscerally today. It makes my body ache.

I only know that nothing which is going on is beyond Your tender love and care. I wish I could call these names aloud, but You know for whom I pray. Please give my brothers and sisters wisdom and earnestness to pray over these, many of whom they may never know.

I pray for healing, comfort, and the visibility of Your tender presence for each and all of these in the strong, loving, tender hands of my Jesus. Amen