Praying for Health and Grace in Troubled Times

Dear God, My Father, today I heard stories of families struggling with terminal illness, prodigal children, economic losses, and the exigencies of aging. I don’t want to exchange places with any of them.

I do pray for my prayer-warrior buddies as they navigate health and aging issues and as they support their friends and families through difficult times.

I pray for my own health and that of my bride and our children. Please give us wisdom and insight in how to manage the aging process with grace and dignity.

I love You, LORD, and I lift my voice in praise for your tender care thus far and I trust You from here to “Home.” Please make me useful to You as long as I am here and in Your time, bring me to You. I still pray you will let me live productively at least one day longer than my bride.

Earnestly prayed in Jesus’ strong and mighty name. Amen