Recurring Prayer for our Children and Grandchildren!

Father, God, I am so grateful for giving us three grown children who have blessed us with seven grandchildren. I pause here to silently call out each of their names and plead with You to bring them close to You in faith.

I thank You for my children who have placed their faith in You as Savior and Lord.

I pray for the grandchildren who have at some point confessed their faith in You, even as I agonize over the ones who have not made a commitment to You.

The deepest prayer for all those whom You have given me is that they will be so drawn to You, and for those who have professed faith that they will begin to live out their Professions.

I pray I will be a beacon of faith and practice for them and that you will let me live long enough to see all of them come into Your forever family. You alone know how my heart hurts and yearns for that day to come.

Keep me consistent in my witness and example to them, for the sake of Jesus, I pray. Amen.