Praying over troubled marriages

Dear Lord, Miracle Worker, I come to You in despair because some of the marriage couples we have coached are right now is in a storm, with waves crashing around them on all sides. I am afraid some of these marriages are going to be destroyed, and I need Your divine intervention to quiet the sea of turmoil in their lives.

LORD God, just as You told the wind to be still, please bring peace and understanding to our couples Cover them with understanding, love, and the spirit of reconciliation as they work toward repairing the harm that has been done.

Father, by faith, I pray that the wind will stop and the real and imagined spiritual warfare waters will be calmed in Your name and will be a great restoration in these marriages…and You alone know of whom and for whom I pray, in Jesus’s powerful and holy name. Amen.


Please take care of your marriage…let nothing drive a wedge between you and your spouse…NOTHING! Holler if you need help…anytime.