THIS is the Day the LORD has made…

Dear God, at the start of this day, help me recognize You above all else. Enlighten the eyes of my heart so I will see You, and notice how you’re at work through my life.

Give me wisdom to make the best choices, fill me with a desire to seek after You more than anything else in this world. Let Your Spirit and power breathe in me, through me, fresh and new today.

Thank You for being greater than anything I may face today. Thank you for Your presence which goes with me, and for Your joy which is never dependent on my circumstances. It is my true and lasting strength, no matter what I come up against.

I ask for Your peace to lead me today, that it would guard my heart and mind in You. I ask for Your grace to cover my life this day. I love you Lord…I need you desperately today. So I give me to You to care for and protect today, praying in the magnificent name of Jesus’ who loved me when I was so unloveable, Amen. –